P90 Girl

Age: 24

Birthday: 01/25/1993

Location: Atlanta, Georgia. USA


Sponsored Airsofter.

BB Blogger.

Advanced EMT.

Paramedic Student. 

Dog Owner. 


Hi Everyone!

My name's Aleeia and i've been playing airsoft for five years. I first started with my brothers at our local airsoft field and the more I learned about it, the more I loved it. Since almost day one, i've been using a P90. These small light guns were perfect for me. I ended up adding more p90s to my collections and my dad, being the airsoft tech that he is, created different gun builds for each one. My primary CQB P90 is an echo1 that I use almost every weekend at the local indoor fields. Eventually my airsoft adventures led me to the Valken Prostaff two years ago and I helped them promote their products around the country. I've traveled to plenty of fields around the United States to promote events and give out Valken's sponsored raffle prizes. In 2016, I started to attend a lot of events put on by Third Coast Airsoft and Airsoft Junkiez. Airsoft Junkiez is an online store specializing in HPA systems that's based out of my hometown of Atlanta, so it was only natural that I got to know them. I ended up helping promote their amazing products as well. Not only was Airsoft Junkiez based out of Atlanta, some of the Third Coast Airsoft staff was too. These people not only became my friends but my sponsors. Now whenever i'm not going to school to get my paramedic certification or working full time at the local ambulance service, I travel to events and fields. I get to learn about the different airsoft communities and experience airsoft in different places. I only ever expected to be a casual airsofter, but my hobby turned into a passion! Just recently, I decided I need a place to put everything i've learned from all my years airsoft and created a Blog to become a BB blogger.

I created this website as an outlet for all my content and adventures. My end goal was always to gain enough influence in the game to impact my local airsoft community, there's a lot of change I want to invoke. One day I also plan to open a CQB field and add to the industry of all my knowledge i've picked up playing up and down the East Coast. 


Thanks for all the support!

Aleeia M.