Grit's Women Sport Bra Review

Social Paintball started back in 2009 as an independent source for paintball videos, editorials, and news. Their journey into paintball media brought to their attention the need for gear that was centered around the player. This sparked Social paintball to set out to create gear that was 'For The Player', which they proudly made their mission statement. Currently, they do hold some pretty popular brands and I set my focus on their gear line for women and if it the could be put to some use in an airsoft game. 


Men have been the main consumer for the airsoft industry since airsoft has been around. But times are changing! From my experience, the popularity of Airsoft has increased in the last five years and different type of consumers are entering the market, including women. I'm always on the hunt for things to make my airsoft experience better, and this sports bra landed on my account.    

Any one who plays airsoft knows how active it can be. It can be sweaty, dirty, and require a lot of mobility depending on your play style. Most women already wear sports bras under their kits to keep the girls out of the way. But can your sports bra do everything it can for you? Social Paintball came up with some great features for their paintball ladies with the Grit's Women Padded sports bra! These bad boys only cost a whopping 35$ on their website (Where you can find Here ). 

I put this sports bra to the test doing some intense CQB airsoft to see how it would hold up. The first thing I noticed is the padding wasn't bulky, it actually created some comfort by keeping my JPC in check. No one likes it when your combat shirt, tac vest, and sweat tag team to make some killer chafing! The elastic band even stayed on it's best behavior and gave me all the support I needed to be awesome at airsoft. After a whole day of playing and sweating bullets, the moisture wicking compression fabric kept everything comfortably in place and not any trace of ichy or sticky. The material also conforms to your shape, no matter what shape you are. This would be especially useful for well endowed women who need to wear multiple bras just to keep the rascals from running wild. 


One of the highlights of the structure of this bra is the racer back strap design which allows for range of motion. It keeps everything playing with you on the field and not against you. I've been careless when it comes to what I play in and I have played in wired bras before, and had to deal with awkward maneuvering and that terrible bra outline/crease you get on the front of your combat shirt. But this wire-free high impact design kills the problem. 


Social Paintball took into account the way their female players feel on the field and now i'm passing on the advice to all the airsoft ladies out there. I wish they came in more designs, maybe multicam or some coyote tan, but this company is just now starting to reach over and peek on our side of the field. If you're on the search for the perfect airsoft bra, I suggest starting here. Me and Social Paintball want to help support finding the right support from your gear, so here's a coupon code from Social Paintball to help you get 10% off:  P90GIRL. Try it out and tell me what you think so Social Paintball can build from thier feedback and keep making products For the Player. 

Grit's Women Padded Sport Bra

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